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The Form Gallery, Issue #004
June 25, 2009
Welcome <>

Baby Shower Games and Invitations

I'm excited about the new website that I found on planning the perfect baby shower. I have included 6 games and invitations (forms) on the new page on my website - just click on the link below:

Baby Shower

I also included a link to the website for you to browse and find all the things you need for planning your next baby shower.

Thanks to everyone who purchased the Accounting eBook and Fund Accounting Report from my new web page.

I have enjoyed my customers tremendously that have contacted me just to tell me how much they appreciate my site and all the hard work I'm doing. This is what keeps me working hard to try to get more free church forms.

Feel free to contact me with a form that you might be looking for or one you would like to have. I have been at our church Youth Camp for a week and just got back recently so there are not as many new forms on this newsletter, but will be more new forms and pages soon.

I want to also thank everyone who has purchased "Shepherdbase" (church membership database). This doesn't make me rich, but it certainly helps pay for my website. I hope you are enjoying your database.

I have an update on the 2007 Shepherdbase that allows you to enter more than one group (member, board member, pastor) in your member's form and I also added group labels.

For my 2007 Shepherdbase customers that have already purchased their database here is the link to the user guide for the updates below:

Right-click to download the pdf file (Shepherdbase 2007 updates) here.

New Web Pages/Free Church Forms

The only page recently is the Baby Shower Page.

============================================================= I will be giving you links to new my web pages as I put them up with new free church forms, so keep reading my newsletters.

You can easily contact me through the my email: I will get back promptly with any questions you might have.

Thanks Terressa

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