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Need an Affordable, User Friendly Church Membership Database? Shepherdbase Could Be Just What You Have Been Looking For.

**Shepherdbase (Church Membership Database with Unlimited Memberships) On Sale Right Now through July 31st, 2024 By High Demand for ONLY $29.99 (1 Time Fee & Save $5!) so even small churches can enjoy its benefits! You will also receive 3 Bonuses (Offering Envelope Templates, Seasonal Auto-Yearly Calendar and Offering Count Sheets) when you purchase Shepherdbase - see below!**

Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database provides churches with a simple and easy solution to track church membership information, directories, contribution records, church attendance  and much more with unlimited memberships!

Small to medium-sized churches often has volunteers who maintains the church records. These volunteers need a database that is simple, inexpensive and user friendly.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • The Pastor calls you one hour before church service and tells you church has been cancelled due to bad weather. You can't find your notebook with the church member's contact numbers. What do you do? Shepherdbase can generate a report of member's contact numbers with the click of a button.
  • The Pastor's wife has asked you for a list of birthdays and anniversaries for a newsletter she is putting together for tomorrow's service. What do you do? Shepherdbase can generate a report of member's birthdays and anniversaries with the click of a button.
  • The Pastor calls you and needs a report of every member who missed church last Sunday. What do you do? Shepherdbase can generate a report of every member's attendance with the click of a button.
  • The Pastor calls you and needs a donation receipt for a donor that gave a donation last Sunday. What do you do? Shepherdbase can merge a Donation Receipt for a specific donor with the click of a few buttons.

Do you have Access 2007 or higher version (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, MS Office 365...) in the Microsoft Office you purchased for your PC? Microsoft Office Access and Word 2007 or higher version and Adobe Reader is all that is required to fully enjoy all of the benefits of Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database. Don't have it? You can purchase the software from any office supply store or better yet, you can buy a package deal from from eBay for a great low price. If you need the entire MS Office package (not just Access) then look for MS Office Professional because it includes every program you need and lots more. MS Office is any secretary's best friend - Great Programs!

MS Office 2007 or Higher Version (Complete Package)
MS Access 2007 or Higher Version (Access Only)

Shepherdbase Features and Benefits:

  • Database that is simple and easy to use.
  • Access to unlimited memberships.
  • Tracks membership information (name, address, phone, email, date of birth, anniversaries, etc.). Also, pictures of the members on the member's form to help put a face with the name.
  • Tracks membership types (active, inactive) and groups (member, president, secretary, board member, etc.) and even member's events.
  • Tracks member's Church Attendance with access to attendance reports.
  • Tracks contributions by fund (general, building fund) and envelope numbers and will generate weekly contribution reports.
  • Tracks individual and family contributions and prints reports by date range or member's name, also prints Itemized Member Contribution Statements.
  • Merges member's contributions into an Annual Contribution Letter.
  • Merges new members into a "First Time Visitor Letter".
  • Merges a donation into a Donation Receipt.
  • Prints membership directory (name, phone, etc.) and will also print member and/or family reports including mailing labels.
  • Includes a Simple Step-by-Step Illustrated Concise User Guide.
  • Includes 24/7 email and/or phone support.
  • Free Lifetime Shepherdbase Upgrades
  • **Bonuses: Offering Count Sheet, Monthly Auto-Calendars & Offering Envelope Templates (below).

Shepherdbase Main Menu Screen Shot:

Shepherdbase Screen Shots
Just click link below, download and print to show your Pastor(s) or church exactly what Shepherdbase will do!

Click here for more Shepherdbase Screenshots in PDF.

Shepherdbase Testimonials

Terressa! I received the discs today!! A few years back I was at a small church that used your software and it was perfect for their volunteers to use. The church I am at now has 2 volunteer secretaries and one found your product and I gushed!!! Her first request is a directory so this will be perfect. God Bless you for creating such a great system. Regards - Tonya - OK - U.S. *Disclaimer


We purchased your Shepherdbase Software a few months back. I want to say how much I love it! Very easy work with! We love this program, for the little that we paid for it, and all the added documents, etc. that were added with the package, it has surely paid itself off time and time again! So grateful, Thank you! - Cindy - U.S. *Disclaimer


After years of frustration and being overcharged for Church Management software, I came across "Shepherdbase" and all my problems were solved. *Disclaimer

This database:

1. Tracks members and visitors

2. Tracks contributions

3. Organizes by both individual AND family

4. Creates professional letters, relevant to church ministry

5. Is easy to use

6. Costs a mere fraction of other databases offering similar features. *Disclaimer

7. So much more.

I am very thankful for this product and I recommend it to anybody wanting to exit the cost and complexity rat race of Church databases.

Thank you Shepherdbase!



Anchorage, Alaska


I do the tithes at the end of the year for a very small outreach in the city of Detroit. They had been paying thousands of dollars every several years trying to keep a database of their donors.

I searched last year for something less costly for them and came across your database (Shepherdbase). It is a blessing and so appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for Giving To The Lord. Peacemakers Int. in Detroit on Chene street is another ministry you have blessed. - Charlene - U.S. *Disclaimer


First let me start with thanking you for the Shepherdbase software!!!!  I wanted to create a database that my church could use just like this.  I'm so glad God showed me this software instead of having to create it from scratch!! Again thank you for creating this. In Christ, Thomas - U.S. *Disclaimer


I have been using this Shepherdbase program all year long.  It is very user friendly.  I love it.  I am excited to use the Family Annual Contribution Letter. I really appreciate all the hard work you did and do in providing us with such a useful application for our church.  Many blessings to you! God Bless You, Debbie - U.S. *Disclaimer

Thank you for providing the program at such a reasonable cost. It is very helpful for small fellowships. I have wanted to try to create an Access program for our tithes, but had not had the time to teach myself Access. Finding your program was truly a God-Sent. – Lori – TN - U.S.

Shepherdbase Bonuses

1. You will receive the Offering Count Sheet in PDF and MS Excel format to use in your church office to count tithes and offerings.

2. I included the Church Seasonal Auto-Yearly  Calendar in Microsoft Excel that you can simply type the year and your calendar will change to whatever year you choose. You will enjoy this bonus to easily be able to put out the church calendar in minutes.


3. As a Bonus and Thank You for purchasing Shepherdbase, you will receive 2 very beautiful Offering Envelope Templates (1 for long envelopes and 1 for short envelopes - picture below) that you can download, place your church name and print on your home or office printer for your church tithing. All you need is Microsoft Office Word 2007 or higher version program, buy your blank envelopes and print - very easy!

If you would like to purchase the Offering Envelope Templates and not purchase Shepherdbase you can do so by going to the Offering Envelope Templates page.

Or you can purchase Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database below and get the Offering Envelope Templates FREE!

Testimonial: Thanks again for making this type of information and program (Shepherdbase) available at such an affordable price. It's truly a God send. Felicia - New York City - U.S.

Special Limited Offers!

Church Office Package #1 (Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database + Church Forms - All the Forms on this Website - 2 CDs)!

For a limited time...you can purchase the Church Office Package #1 Deal (Shepherdbase CD - Church Membership Database & the Church Forms CD with 1,000+ forms...along with Free Bonuses)! for only $40.99 plus Shipping & Handling ($10.00 anywhere in the United States) - Savings of $9.99 or the Church Office Package Instant Download (No CDs) for only $40.99 anywhere in or outside the U.S.! Taxes included Only For the State of Oklahoma Residents.


Church Office Package #2 (Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database + Church Forms - All the Forms on this Website and Pastoral Recordbase - Event/Sermon Tracking Database - 3 CDs)!

For a limited time...you can purchase the Church Office Package Deal #2 (Shepherdbase CD - Church Membership Database, Church Forms CD with 1,000+ forms and Pastoral Recordbase CD - Events/Sermons Tracking Database...along with all the Free Bonuses)! for only $57.99 - Savings of $12.98 -  plus Shipping & Handling ($10.00 anywhere in the United States)
or the Church Office Package #2 Instant Download (No CDs) for ONLY $57.99 anywhere in or outside the U.S.! Taxes included Only For Oklahoma Residents.

Click here for more information or to purchase one of the Church Office Packages!

Testimonial: Just wanted to let you know that I got everything on time. I have been the clerk at my church going on 2 years now, and have been elected into that position giving me a third year this up coming year. Being a small church, there was little work in my office as the clerk when I first took the position two years ago, and much work to be done getting things organized. As God has allowed us to grow, I have realized the importance of expanding our resources for organization. Everything in the package I purchased is very useful! I am very pleased with the templates, and Shepherdbase, as well is my pastor and even the treasurer. Thank you so very much! God bless you and your work! Jeremy - SC- U.S.

To Purchase Shepherdbase just click the "Buy Now" button below under the one you want (CD Mailed or Instant Download)! 

Shepherdbase (CD Mailed)

Shepherdbase (Church Membership Database) CD is On Sale Right Now through July 31st, 2024 By High Demand for ONLY $29.99 ($5 Savings!) + Bonuses (Offering Envelope Templates, Church Seasonal Auto-Monthly-Yearly Calendar & Offering Count Sheets)...Hurry and Enjoy These Savings and Benefits! - CD Mailed - $29.99 + Shipping & Handling ($10.00 ships anywhere in the United States within 3-5 business days) + Sales Tax (Oklahoma Residents Only) If you live outside the United States and want to purchase Shepherdbase I have the Shepherdbase Instant Download available below anywhere in or outside the U.S.

Click the "Buy Now" Button below to purchase with any major credit card or PayPal to have Shepherdbase shipped to you.

The PayPal Secure Checkout allows you to pay with any major credit card without a PayPal account you just simply click on the "Pay with a debit or credit card" during the secure PayPal Guest Checkout process.

Important: Double check your email address before purchasing. If you purchase the Instant Download you will receive an email from SendOwl with link to download immediately. If you have any problems with your PayPal Secure Checkout or Instant Download please contact me and let me know. I will be get back with you ASAP!

Shepherdbase (Instant Download - No CD)

Shepherdbase (Church Membership Database) Instant Download + Bonuses (Offering Envelope Templates, Church Seasonal Auto-Monthly-Yearly Calendar & Offering Count Sheets) - is On Sale Right Now through July 31st, 2024 By High Demand for ONLY $29.99 ($5 Savings) plus no shipping! Sales Tax (State of Oklahoma Residents Only)

Instant Download - No CD

Available in the United States and Outside the United States!

Hurry and Enjoy These Savings and Benefits!

Click the "Buy Now" Button below to purchase Shepherdbase Instant Download for ONLY $29.99 ($5 Savings - No Shipping Fees Apply) with any major credit card around the world or with PayPal.

ATTENTION: Contact me if you don't receive your download immediately from SendOwl (my instant download company) in an email because this means that your email address was incorrect and I will need to send the correct email ASAP to SendOwl.

You can purchase with PayPal or a credit card. If you do not have a credit card or want to set up a PayPal account, you can send a check or money order...just contact me for my mailing address.

If you're not satisfied with Shepherdbase, just contact me within 90 days of the date of your purchase - and I'll refund your purchase price minus shipping and handling immediately no questions asked.:)

Your database purchase is 100% safe and secure - and 100% risk-free with our checkout process.

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