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Simple and Efficient!

Are you tired of complicated church accounting software? Would you like to have intuitive church software that helps you manage finances, people, and giving efforts in one cloud-based platform?

Then you need to try Aplos!

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If you have a church or nonprofit that has several people or volunteers performing common tasks, then it is very important for you to have an accounting system that is easy to learn, simple to use, and enables the option of working remotely. With the additional functionality of managing people, online and mobile giving, and sending communications, you have an all-in-one platform that can grow with you.


Aplos Software is not only simple to use and easy to learn, but it is also efficient and will supply your organization with reports and database inquiries...and you can have multiple users with online access anywhere because it’s cloud based!

I personally use Aplos Software at our church, and I couldn't be happier! This accounting software is as easy as using my checkbook register. In fact, it's set up similar to a checkbook register, but you get auto-tracking when gifts and tithes are received, robust reporting, and the ability to email our members directly from Aplos - I love it!

The next time my Pastor leaves for India for two months - guess what - he will still have access to the church accounting with charts and graphs on the front page showing just how much is in the missions fund - as long as he has internet access to get online!


Why I Recommend Aplos Software for Church Accounting:

  • Extremely Easy to Set Up and Use!
  • Accessible Anywhere!
  • Affordable!

Setting Up Aplos Software

  • This accounting software is web-based so there is nothing to install! You can access it anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • It is automatically backed up every night, so no more worries about losing everything in the unexpected event of your computer(s) crashing.
  • If you need something that is more simple and you're bogged down in QuickBooks, Aplos will help you use real fund accounting without the headache and extra spreadsheets. Learn why Aplos is better than QuickBooks.
  • Setting up your chart of accounts is a snap! Aplos was created for churches by former church executive leadership. They provide a standard “starter” chart of accounts that you can customize to meet your organizational needs.
  • Entering account balances is easy.
  • Setting up funds involves nothing more than a click, typing them in, and then choosing a color. Tip: Don't set up more funds than you need to because Aplos has an additional function called tags that can be  used in reporting in lieu of putting expenses in a separate fund.
  • Setting up a budget and comparing your budget to actual amounts throughout the year is as simple as turning on the budget module and entering the numbers.


Entering Data:

  • Like I mentioned above, this software is like a checkbook register so entering transactions is like entering payments and deposits in your checkbook. Aplos was designed by a CPA and former Executive Pastor specifically for the non-accountants performing this work in organizations like yours, so the software makes it easy to track everything by fund. You can also connect Aplos to your bank to quickly import your transactions into the register.
  • The tag feature can be used to tag the things you would track, such as specific church fundraisers, Vacation Bible School, Youth Camp events, Women's Retreat and more. You can easily generate reports with these tags to see exactly how much those fundraisers brought in or to see how much the Youth Camp registration fee offsets the cost of the camp. It's a lot easier than setting up a bunch of funds. You can also track your guest speakers with 1099 tags so you can easily send accurate 1099s each year. The applications of the tags feature are endless!
  • It is super simple to transfer between funds with this software.
  • Bank reconciliations are very quick and easy.
  • A robust people database and donation tools give you the ability to track giving, manage households, and create annual contribution statements while sending email communications to your church members directly from the Aplos platform. Find out more information about this feature by clicking the link below.

If you need to track the accounting of a church plant, preschool or external ministry, you can easily manage this with an Aplos Oversight account that allows you to manage multiple organizations at once. Request a Demo.



  • There are many reports you will be able to access with just a few clicks (picture above) such as the Income Statement, Budget to Actual, Fund Balance Summary, Income Statement by Month, Balance Sheet, Account List, Transaction List, General Ledger, Fund Balance Detail, and more - including the ability to create custom reports.


  • I couldn't believe how affordable this software was when our church heard about it. We thought there had to be a catch somewhere!
  • You can enjoy Aplos’ Church Accounting Software for a low monthly fee. They offer discounts and sales from time to time. Their platform includes accounting, budgeting, bank reconciliation, bank integration, check printing, accounts receivable, accounts payable - and that’s just the functions you will get from the accounting features of the software! As I mentioned above, with Aplos you can also accept online gifts and tithes, manage your people, including groups and teams, communicate with built-in tools like letters, emails, and texting, and easily generate robust reports and share them directly from Aplos.

  Platform Features Include:

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More Aplos Benefits:

  • You have a 15-day Free Trial to test drive it before you make up your mind. This gives you plenty of time to get in there and play with it and see if it's a good fit for your organization!
  • Built by a former Executive Pastor who understands the needs of churches, this company wants to help churches and nonprofits...similar to the site you are on. :)
  • You will receive FREE support whether you prefer to call, email, or send a message. In the software itself, on every screen in the bottom right corner, there is a box with a question mark in it that you can click and ask a question and someone will respond back. A toll-free number is available Monday through Friday if you prefer to call and need help in setting everything up and getting started. They will treat you well and take their time answering all of your questions - even the ones you might think are silly. :) Unlike some other accounting software companies that charge for support, Aplos’ support is absolutely free!
  • Free live webinars are hosted by an actual live person who will show you how to do stuff in the software, provide best practices, and share their years of collective knowledge with you! I highly recommend registering for these webinars to continue to grow your familiarity with their software, and continue your stewardship of the resources of your church. There are also recorded training courses if you can’t join a live webinar so you can continue growing your skills.

Aplos Testimonials:

  • “Thanks Aplos! I just deleted QuickBooks from my computer, never to go back anymore. I have found Aplos Accounting Software to be simple  to use and a great help to us in our organization. I am responsible to pay  the bills while the secretary in the office is the one who inputs our deposits and book sales revenue. I can look at the accounting books  from anywhere in the world and can make decisions concerning making payments or purchases, while the office can print out the checks and input the sales. It is as easy to use as my checkbook check register at home and produce reports and database inquiries very easily.
  • I recommend this product to any small church group or any nonprofit organization that depends very much on untrained volunteers to help with the office. Try it out, you'll see the ease of use and the benefits of having multi-users having access from several computers makes it very nice to use.” - Administrator - Southern California Young People's Work


  • “When my husband and I began our nonprofit, Off The Front, the desire to implement our vision was fueled by excitement and passion. The reality of what needed to be accomplished, though, quickly settled in when we began to come face to face with our long checklist of responsibilities. I had no idea we were about to feel the weight of what individuals experience when starting a business. To be honest, I was overwhelmed, intimidated, and knew my husband would need my ability to handle our personal finances to carry over into my capacity to now manage Off The Front's finances (as if these even remotely carry the same level of responsibility). With great reluctance, I committed and was off to dive into the world of fund accounting (a term I could not even define at the time).
  • Equal to my lack of experience in the area of accounting, was the lack of time I knew this position deserved. We purchased Aplos and I imagined the worst and assumed I would spend hours trying to learn the software and eventually get around to entering in a few transactions. Much to my surprise, because of the simplicity and intuitiveness Aplos offered, our entire accounting system was up and running within an hour. My husband's initial assumption proved itself to be true - If I could manage our checking account, I could manage our nonprofit's finances. Aplos is for people like me who have little time, minimal experience, and are in desperate need of confidence in an area requiring a great amount of responsibility.” - Co-Founder - Off The Front


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