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Church Accounting: "The How-To Guide for Finances in Small & Growing Churches"

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed and maybe at a lost over your church finances and/or church accounting? If so, you're not alone and don't worry I have the solution right here in "The How-To Guide for Small & Growing Churches" Paperback Book!

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As you probably know, church accounting is not the same as business accounting. For instance, if you are a church bookkeeper you must be aware of special tax codes that govern the church's unique tax standing. Way to often particularly in smaller churches with volunteer administrators or overworked employees they do not know every aspect of the tax codes that affects their church's ability to accept donations, oversee a benevolence fund, and also offer a compensation package for their minister.

About the Authors

Lisa London The Accountant Beside You who brought you QuickBooks for Churches & QuickBooks for Nonprofits (as noted on my Home page), explains the specialized needs of church accounting in an easy-to-understand manner for church administrators and volunteers.  A CPA with decades of experience working with businesses as well as churches and other nonprofits, Lisa explains complex concepts in a reader-friendly, engaging manner. 

Vickey Boatright, an accountant who runs the online website for all things church accounting, www.freechurchaccounting.com.  Vickey has worked as a fund accountant for a nonprofit for over 12 years and is a staff accountant for  Wisdom Over Wealth. Her website is a treasure trove of valuable information on all things churches! She is the treasurer for her church of 37 years. Together, Lisa and Vickey guide you through every essential aspect of church accounting.

No matter what type of accounting your church might have this book is a must have and will be an absolutely awesome asset to your church as you are guided through all the nuts and bolts of church accounting and additionally:

  • Calculate and File Your Employee Payroll Reports
  • Design and Create a Compensation Package for your Pastor, including a Housing Allowance
  • Set Up and Administer a Benevolence Fund in Your Church
  • Acknowledge Donations with IRS Guidelines
  • Prepare for an Annual Church Audit
  • Church Budget and Forecast 
  • Reimburse Church Employees' Expenses with IRS Guidelines
  • Set Up Proper Internal Controls to Implement the Basics of Starting a New Church
  • Design Your Church Bylaws
  • Set Up Your Church Filing Systems and Organize the Church Office
  • And so much, much more!

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The Church Accounting Series options include:

  • Church Accounting eBook
  • Church Accounting Paperback
  • Church Policy & Procedures Manual Handbook
  • Church Example Package with Spreadsheets and Word Documents for you to Download and use in
  • Spreadsheet with Automatic Accounting Workbook Package
  • Plus Many More Money Saving Packages!

Hurry and purchase this book now...You will be glad you did! :)

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