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The Form Gallery, Issue #015 - Homemade Easter Ideas
February 28, 2010

Homemade Easter Ideas

Wow, what a winter we have had in Oklahoma. I don't want to see snow or rain for a while! :)

Take a look below of some Homemade Easter Ideas that your church or family at home can do to make sure your kids have the best Easter ever.

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Homemade Easter Ideas
Jelly Bean Carrots Recipe
"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" eBook Table of Contents
New Free Church Forms Web Pages

Homemade Easter Ideas

I have just recently added Homemade Easter Ideas to my website. I have included some of them in this newsletter. Here are a few ideas that your children will love!

  • Easter Egg Hunt with Resurrection Eggs mixed with other eggs with candy. Resurrection Eggs can be created or bought - each plastic egg has an object pertaining to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Colorful plastic eggs with visual reminders are a proven learning tool for children 3 and up.

    Have your children that find the resurrection eggs sit down and listen to a story regarding Jesus' Resurrection. Have pictures of the items on a poster board and have the children hold them up during the story.

    After the story, emphasize Jesus' sacrifice and have the children sacrifice their eggs, ect. with the knowledge that they will receive something better at the end of the event/day - just as Jesus knew that his sacrifice would bring something better in the end! While they have free time, have some helpers divide the eggs evenly and put prizes which say "He is Risen" (you can purchase from the Oriental Trading Company or make your own) in their bags. Then have the children come back and receive their gifts. This makes a wonderful tool to further the knowledge of Jesus to our children.

  • Cross Relay Race: Your children will have fun with this relay race. Make an actual cross out of small 2x4s to put on their backs. After the race, have a devotional on how Jesus went to the cross and emphasize the questions, "Who will help carry Jesus' cross (message) to this world?".

  • Easter Bible Trivia: This is a great fun Easter activity to have your kids participate in Bible Trivia to further their knowledge of the Crucifixion of Jesus.

  • Easter Coloring Pages: These Easter coloring pages are free and fun activities for your children at church or home on the holidays - just download, print and your kids will enjoy!

  • Bible Scripture Eggs: If you don't want to do the Resurrection Eggs you can print scriptures concerning Jesus' Passion, cut them out and put them in your children's plastic eggs. Then let them take turns reading their scripture.
There are many more Easter Ideas that I will try to add to my site as I get time. Hope you enjoy! :)

Jelly Bean Carrots Recipe

Jelly Bean Carrots

Here's a bunch of carrots kids will definitely want to nibble on. These make a sweet favor for a party or a welcome treat in any Easter basket. To change the size of the carrot simply adjust the amount of jelly beans in the bag.


  • Disposable clear plastic icing bags (available where cake decorating supplies are sold;about $4.00 for a dozen bags)
  • Orange jelly beans (amount depends on how many you want to make)
  • Scissors
  • Green tissue paper
  • Twist ties
  • 1. Fill an icing bag with orange jelly beans, leaving at least 3 inches unfilled at the top.
  • 2. Cut out two 8-inch squares of green tissue paper and lay one on top of the other. Pick up the squares from the center and give them a little twist so you have a cone-shaped carrot top.
  • 3. Place the tissue, twisted end down into the bag. Gather the bag at the top of the jelly beans and secure with a twist tie.
Your children will love these carrots!

"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" eBook

This eBook is free to my newsletter customers/readers as a "Thank You" for subscribing to my newsletter. I have worked in several different secretarial areas with different jobs and I have learned the hard way how to organize more than one office. Take advantage of these tips in this eBook and they help you to get your office organized. There will be other benefits you will find in my newsletters as time goes on so always open and read them so you don't miss out! The "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office"eBook is available to download. Just click on the link below that leads to the page where you can download and receive your free copy today.

  • "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Free eBook
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    The Table of Contents is available here. You now have access to more than a 100+ free church forms listed in alphabetical order. I keep it updated with new church forms as I create them. I have them in categories for you to just click on the form you want to download and it will lead you to that page. Just click on the link below for the free FCF Table Of Contents. Enjoy! :)

  • Table of Contents

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    I will be adding to these pages as time goes along.

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