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The Form Gallery, Issue #020 - VBS (Vacation Bible School) Ideas
July 25, 2010

VBS (Vacation Bible School) Ideas

This is the time of the year when the church is working hard to plan Vacation Bible School (VBS).

I have some VBS ideas and activities below that you might want to check out along with my new VBS web page that has a VBS Planning Guide and VBS Practical Tips available.

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VBS Ideas/Activities
Practical Tips for Planning VBS
More Fundraising Ideas
"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Ebook Table of Contents
New Free Church Forms Web Pages
Shepherdbase & Bonus

VBS Ideas/Activiites

Vacation Bible School is a special event in the church due to our children learn a lot of important biblical during their stay at VBS. Here are some VBS activities:

  • VBS Musical Chairs - Play just like musical chairs except the child that is still standing when music stops has to say something he is thankful for or something that has to do with the current lesson. Keep playing like this, no one should ever have to be out of the game - everyone should get to play every game.
  • Reenact a Bible Lesson - Use simple bible costumes to reenact a bible lesson. Cut pieces of material into rectangle shapes to form a poncho-type outfit. Cut a hole in the center to fit over child's head. Cut out long pieces to use as ties to tie the costume around the waist. Cut rectangle pieces to fit on the head and long pieces to use as a tie. These can be used over and over again.
  • Use Puppets to Teach a Bible Lesson - Tell a Bible Lesson from a puppet's point of view. For example, you can use a donkey puppet to tell of Palm Sunday or a lamb puppet to tell of the lost lamb. Have the children make simple puppets out of toliet paper rolls or craft sticks to reenact the Bible Lesson.
  • Fishing Game - Make your Bible Lesson more interesting by making an oak tag fish and attach questions with a paper clip to each fish. A dowel fishing pole with a magnet attached to bottom of the line would pick up the fish and a question. If the child answered the question he could keep the fish until the game was over. Save the old questions and substitute new ones for the next time. Pick the best questions from all the lessons for an end-of-term contest.

Practical Tips for Planning VBS

Here are some tips that you might review before VBS:

  • 1. Begin Early. Some people work best under pressure, but this isn't true for team efforts such as VBS. Don't wait until the last minute! Have your roster filled several weeks early if at all possible. Starting things late will cause lots of stress and distract your focus from ministering to the children.
  • 2. Talk about it. Start talking to people as soon as you can. This will help people share your excitement and provides channels of communication. Talking about VBS with your church volunteers provides a great way to get feedback and to refine ideas.
  • 3. Learn from last year. You can get some great VBS ideas by asking what worked in the past even if this is your first year as VBS Director. So, talk to your volunteers from last year and see what worked and what needed improvement.
  • 4. Have fun. Doing God's work should bring joy into your life. Don't let all of the worries and details rob you of that. If the leaders are not having fun then the kids will suffer.
  • 5. Find ideas online. Search the web and you will be surprised at what kind of great ideas and curriculum you can find for your VBS.
  • 6. Keep it simple. This is one of the most important things of your leading bible school. All those bells and whistles can distract you from the real ministry with the children. So whenever possible just go simple. Spend your time and energy on what will make a lasting difference such as relationships, prayer and teaching.

More Fundraising Ideas

The positive outcome of fundraisers are overwhelming. You can make the difference by participating in these activities. My inspiration by working for God is "I'm laying up treasures in heaven where I can enjoy them eternally!"

Click on the link below to find two more fundraising ideas to download that has been added to my page recently.

2010 Summer Donation Drive (2) & Car Wash Door Hangers (2)

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  • "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Free Ebook
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  • Table of Contents

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