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The Form Gallery, Issue #023 - Pastor Appreciation Month
September 28, 2010

Pastor Appreciation Month

This is an extra issue for Pastor Appreciation Month. It is very short, but will give you some great ideas for this extra special occasion in October for our extra special pastoral families.


Pastor Appreciation Month
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Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Month is a special time that congregations set aside each year to honor their pastors and pastoral families for their hard work, sacrificial dedication and multiple blessings provided by these special people.

It is typically scheduled in October, but can be held any time that is convenient for the church and the community. Let us please remember that appreciation, affirmation and prayer support of our spiritual leaders is appropriate throughout the entire year.

Pastor Appreciation Month Ideas:

In all your activities, remember that Pastor Appreciation Month is not about glorifying a man or a woman. It is a consistent opportunity to recognize and encourage those whom God has called to proclaim His message and lead His people. It is a time when the entire congregation can become unified in celebration of what God is doing in the midst.

Here are some activities that might inspire you to create your own:

  • A full scale plan of recognition might include a banquet, a special ceremony during a worship service, special guests or speakers, a church family reunion of present and former members, gifts, plaques, flowers or open letter of appreciation in the local newspaper. A more casual approach might simply involve a moment of recognition during a morning service.
  • Plan a daily celebration throughout the month with each church member (depending on number of congregation) bringing something special to the pastoral family whether it be just a card, dessert, meal, money, or however they want to express their gratitude and love.
  • Contact a local trophy company and order a plaque for your pastor(s). A simple inscription might read: “In Deepest Appreciation of [Pastor’s Name] and [His or Her] Family for Unselfish Commitment to the Body of Jesus Christ at [Church Name] Pastor Appreciation Month October [Year]
  • Plan an evening bonfire celebration with the theme of church unity. Share the joys and sorrows you have experienced together, especially identifying the role your pastor and his family have played. Make it a time of re-commitment and bonding for your entire church family.
  • Send a letter to members of congregation explaining Pastor Appreciation Month and include offering envelopes for a special love offering. (See Pastor Appreciation Ideas page for letter.)
  • Urge the Sunday School and other children’s groups to make creative appreciation messages for the pastoral staff using construction paper and bright colors. Have the pastor(s) visit them for their own ceremonies of gratitude or present them after church service. Then decorate staff offices with the children’s artwork.
These are just some PAM ideas, just be creative and enjoy showing your appreciation for your pastoral staff throughout this next month.

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