New Years Activities

This is the last newsletter before the New Year. I have included a last minute Christmas Invitation/Flyer and some New Years Activities. I hope and pray the new year will bring blessings upon each and every one of you and your ministries. I plan on having lots more new forms starting the new year so don't miss an issue!

I hope everyone of you who does not have a church membership database to help save your valuable time in the office next year will be able to take advantage of this sale before the end of the year. Shepherdbase is still on sale for only $29.99. Click link below for more information on Shepherdbase.

Shepherdbase - Christmas Special

Need an Affordable, User Friendly Church Membership Database?

Shepherdbase could be just what your looking for. Shepherdbase provides churches with a simple and easy solution to track church membership information including pictures of members, contribution records, church attendance, and much more.


New Years Activities - Printable Coloring Books
Christmas Invitation/Flyer
Shepherdbase - Christmas Special
Special Offer - Church Office Package Deal
FCF (Free Church Forms) CD (400+ Forms)
"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Ebook Table of Contents
New/Recent Free Church Forms Web Pages

New Years Activities - Printable Coloring Books

The New Years activities coloring books are a great tool to keep your Sunday School children or children at home occupied while we bring in the new year.

Have you been thinking about a New Years Resolution? Here is a great New Years Resolution below.

All Things Are Become New

New Years Resolution: New Year, New Self, New Beginning

Scripture: II Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Action: Just like we leave last year behind us our past is also left behind us when we become a Christian and come to Jesus – he no longer remembers and we are made new with a new beginning. We no longer have to live with our sins everyday they are left behind. We now go forward as a new person with Christ.

My favorite one is the Lord's Prayer coloring book. What better way to teach our little children of all ages than to have them color the pages as they read the Lord's Prayer.

You can download and print the New Years Coloring Books here.

Don't forget as your rushing through the end of the year trying to get everything done in the church office to think of a way to improve your office to help everything run smoother. I always brainstorm of different little things I can do to simplify life in the office - helps me and everyone else around me. :) Make this next year a year of change in the office - for the better. I will be sending you new forms and new information on how to improve your office - so don't miss an issue.

Christmas Invitation/Flyer

The beautiful free Christmas invitation can be used to invite your church members and local community to your special Christmas event and activities.

The invitation is for a Dramatic Christmas Musical, but can be modified for another Christmas special event. It is two sided and on the back side of invitation is a "Need to Know" to draw the community to salvation. You can draw the community and witness at the same time.

Church Christmas activities are so much fun for the youth and the adults. Make this Christmas holiday special for your church and community by creating one of these special events that makes a very lasting memory in the minds of the community. Let's help them remember just what Christmas is all about!

You can download, modify and print the Christmas Invitation/Flyer here.

Shepherdbase - Christmas Special

The New Updated "Shepherdbase" for only $29.99 from now until Christmas and you will receive 2 Offering Envelope Templates and Offering Count Sheet free as a Bonus! Hurry and Enjoy these Savings!

Shepherdbase (church membership database) will:

  • Track member's information along with a place for member's picture and automates First Time Visitor Letters for new members
  • Track member's contributions and automates Annual Contribution Letters at the end of the year
  • Filter church member's information with the click of a button
  • Track Church Attendance and automates Attendance Report
Shepherdbase is a very simple and user friendly database, but very powerful.

If you purchased Shepherdbase in the past (before Sept. 2011) and would like to receive the new updated "Shepherdbase" for free of charge contact me.

Special Offer - Church Office Package Deal

I have the Church Office Package Deal

(Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database and FCF (Free Church Forms) CD along with 3 Free Bonuses) for only $40.99 plus $6.00 (shipping in U.S.)!

You can read more about Shepherdbase and the FCF CD below.

FCF (Free Church Forms) CD (400+ Forms)

All the free church forms, certificates, flyers...on are all in one CD. This awesome collection of free church forms, certificates, flyers all for one special price of $13.99 plus $6.00 shipping (in the U.S.).

The FCF CD includes:

  • Free church forms, certificates, flyers...(400+ forms each in PDF and Microsoft Office Word or Excel format). Also updated to include the latest forms created.

  • Table of Contents that includes folders/subfolders named the page in which they were generated and the name of the files under the folders.

  • Free Bonus - Church Offering Envelope Templates#2 (short and long) are included in the CD.

  • Also included is the free ebook - "Top Ten Tips to Organize Office".
Click here to purchase the Free Church Forms CD.

"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Free Ebook

This ebook is free to my newsletter customers/readers as a "Thank You" for subscribing to my newsletter. I have worked in several different secretarial areas with different jobs and I have learned the hard way how to organize more than one office. Take advantage of these tips in this free ebook and they will help get your office organized. There will be other benefits you will find in my newsleters as time goes on so always open and read them so you don't miss out! The "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office"Ebook is available to download. Just click on the link below that leads to the page where you can download and receive your free copy today.

  • "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Free Ebook

  • Table of Contents

    The Table of Contents is available here. You will now have access to all of the free church forms listed in alphabetical order. I keep it updated with new church forms as I create them. I have them in categories so that you can just click on the form you want and it will lead you to that page.

    Just click on the link below for the free FCF Table Of Contents. Enjoy! :)

  • Table of Contents

  • New/Recent Free Church Forms Web Pages

    I will be adding more forms to these pages along with new web pages as time goes along so don't miss an issue!


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