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The Form Gallery, Issue #055 - Top 5 Tips on How to Start a Mens Ministry
November 05, 2012

Top 5 Tips on How to Start a Mens Ministry

I hope everyone had a successful October Pastor Appreciation Month. Now we have a huge day tomorrow. I encourage everyone of my readers to vote tomorrow - very important election...

In this issue I have the "Top 5 Tips on How to Start a Mens Ministry, free Mens Ministry Brochures, Forms & More. I also have included the Thanksgiving Fundraiser Events and flyer below. Don't forget to check out my Veteran's Day Certificates & More for Veteran's Day coming up next weekend!

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Top 5 Tips on How to Start a Mens Ministry
Thanksgiving Fundraiser Events & Flyer New Web Pages with New Forms
Shepherdbase (Church Membership Database) On Sale
FCF (Free Church Forms) CD
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Free eBook - ”Top 10 Tips on How to Organize Your Office” Table of Contents

Top 5 Tips on How to Start a Mens Ministry

Why is a Mens Ministry important?

Many men feel a total disconnect when it comes to church, and when given a choice, they give spending time at church a distant second to spending time with friends and family or just about anything else. A Mens Ministry group has the potential to change that in most instances. This group tends to bond men by giving them a forum in which to share and a reason for getting together. Like a fire of burning coals, the combined energy of men gathered together draws men toward the flame in turn keeping them active and encouraged the other members involved.

Top 5 Tips on How to Start a Mens Ministry:

  • 1. Initial Enthusiasm - Briefly meet and gather men interested in being part of the Mens Ministry.
  • 2. Initial Organizational Meeting - Have your first Mens Ministry meeting with an inspirational video, PowerPoint, etc. to help build excitement for the first meeting. Determine what Bible study you would like to do as a group. Determine a list of potential activities and impact events. Procure whatever provisions are necessary for your meeting. Choose who will lead the Bible study. Determine how to publicize the events. Pray for wisdom, guidance by the Holy Spirit, and the courage to "talk up" your group to guys who would be interested and benefit from it.
  • 3. First Mens Ministry Meeting - At this point your Mens Ministry group has officially launched. As noted above, your core group of guys will determine the particulars such as the length of first Bible study session, what impact event, activities, or local opportunity it might involve itself in, etc. Set this first meeting and get started! Above all, pray about your group, its direction, and how it can best make a difference. It is the Lord who will bless and multiple your efforts.
  • 4. Bible Studies - These Bible studies cover a variety of topics in fresh and innovative ways. Do you need questions for a great Bible study lesson? No problem, I have a great affiliate who has exactly what you need. Any Bible teacher can use these real-world tested questions to turbo-charge Bible study ministry - no matter how much or little previous teaching experience you have!
    Great Bible Teachers ask great questions from the Word, about the Word, and for the glory of Jesus. I've surveyed thousands of Bible teachers and everyone agrees that great questions are at the heart of interactive Bible study. But it's not easy to ask great questions, consistently, that will help people to learn!
    Bible teachers like you need a toolkit of questions that are re-usable, portable, can go-anywhere on the planet, and support teaching to any group about any passage of Scripture.
    You can adapt these 52 model questions to every Bible study situation: All ages from elementary through adults, Groups sizes from 1-on-1 to 1-on-500, Seekers, new believers right up through spiritual mature believers, Any format of Bible teaching, even if it's not on Sunday morning, Any Christian denomination, Any size church, Any country in the world. Click Here for More Information on the 52 Model Questions for Bible Teaching!
  • 5. Impact Events - Few things energize guys like stepping up and putting efforts into doing something positive in the lives of others. These events can include helping a youth group, folks in a retirement community or nursing home, struggling families just getting by, or single mothers struggling with a thought of throwing in the towel. There are so many opportunities whether it be in another community, another state, or another country.

Click Here for the Free Mens Ministry Brochures, Forms, Job Description & More.

Thanksgiving Fundraiser Events & Flyer

Thanksgiving Fundraiser Events will help your church raise money for different funds and at the same time bring church people together on a very important Thanksgiving holiday that is all about being thankful for everything in your life.

Here are a few ways to give thanks this Thanksgiving holiday with these Fundraiser Events:
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Fundraiser - Gather volunteers to have a Thanksgiving Dinner as a church fundraiser. Use the free flyer (click link below) to spread the word to church members and their families, etc. to enjoy a great Thanksgiving Dinner and all the fixings before Thanksgiving Day. You can have the dinner the week before, 2 weeks before or during Thanksgiving. Charge so much a person and raise money for your church, etc.
  • Canned Food Drive - When you begin and start planning your family feast for Thanksgiving, request that each family member and friend bring a nonperishable can of food to the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. You can collect these cans of food as a family group or church group and donate them to your local food bank or families in need.
  • Thanksgiving Walk Fundraiser - There is nothing better than a walk to get the blood flowing and to help digest that turkey and dressing and enormous amounts of desserts after the Thanksgiving Feast. Gather volunteers and pledges for this walk during the weeks before Thanksgiving asking people to donate a few dollars a mile. You are only going to fall asleep on the couch if you don't get and get moving anyway so donate your money, time and energy for a great cause.

Click Here for the Free Thanksgiving Fundraiser Events Flyer. New Web Pages with New Forms

I will be continually adding new don't miss an issue!

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"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Table of Contents

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