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The Form Gallery, Issue #006 - Table of Contents Coming Soon
September 01, 2009
Welcome: Table of Contents Coming Soon!!

I have been running behind schedule so I just wanted to send this newsletter to everyone and let them know that I'm almost finished with the Table of Contents.

This Table of Contents will be a page on my site that only my special newsletter customers will have access to. Within the next week or so I will send another newsletter out with the link to that page that will have all my free church forms listed in categories with the names of the forms to easily access and go straight to the page to download the free church form when it is convenient for you. Don't miss the next issue of The Form Gallery.

How to Organize Your Church Office

Right after I finish my FCF Table of Contents my very next project is a free Ebook on How to Organize Your Church Office.

I'm excited about the Ebook. I have lots of ideas to help you organize your church office. I know it is easy to get unorganized if you are not careful and maybe this Ebook will help you. This book will be free to The Form Gallery Customers.

Keep watching in these issues for when it becomes available.

New Free Church Forms Web Pages

  • Church Security: There is a Church Volunteer Security Application and Incident Report to download on this page.
  • Submit Church News: There is a form to submit your church news on this page to download.

I will be giving you links to new my web pages as I put them up with new free church forms. I will let you know when I get the Table of Contents for my forms ready, so keep reading my newsletters.

P.S. Shepherdbase (Church Membership Database)

Shepherdbase provides churches with a simple and easy solution to track church membership information and contribution records.

Small to medium-sized churches often has volunteers who maintains the church records. These volunteers need a database that is simple, inexpensive and user friendly.


You can easily contact me through the my email: I will get back promptly with any questions you might have. God Bless You!

Thanks, Terressa

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