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The Form Gallery, Issue #051 - How to do Budget for VBS
July 13, 2012

How to Budget for VBS

Hope you are having a blessed summer so far. We had an awesome Youth Camp..the theme was "Vessels of Virtue" and was about God molding and making us into "God Made Vessels" - it was awesome!

In this issue I will be addressing "How to Budget for Vacation Bible School" for the smaller churches that struggle with the monies to support their VBS program along with a free VBS Budget Worksheet. I also have some Church Labor Day Ideas & much more.

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How to Budget for Vacation Bible School
Church Labor Day Ideas
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How to Budget for Vacation Bible School

How do You Budget for VBS?

Some churches are able to budget thousands of dollars for their Vacation Bible School, and then some of the smaller churches can just barely budget a few hundred dollars to find the resources to support their Vacation Bible School.

Here are a few ideas for how smaller churches can budget for Vacation Bible School and free VBS Budget Worksheet:
  • Community Vacation Bible School - Partner VBS with another church or even several churches to save VBS money. There are definitely some negatives with this as far as safety and specific evangelistic outreach, but with great planning these issues can be overcome. It takes a good director who knows how to work with a team to pull this off.
  • Re-Use VBS Curriculum from Another Church - If you don't like the idea above then you could simply ask a church if you could re-use their curriculum after their VBS is over. If you know a church who has their Vacation Bible School in June, then simply have yours in July after they're through with their materials. If you have time you could even volunteer to help at their VBS to see hands on how the program works and would be a way to thank them for the materials. Many churches pass on their VBS props and curriculum every year and they feel great knowing they have helped other churches and children who are not so fortunate.
  • Plan Easy Crafts - You can save money by keeping crafts to a minimal. You're not cheap by planning easier crafts. Aside from the curriculum the craft supplies is a major expense. Don't be too cheap but skip some those expensive craft kits that can be just as good as the cheaper ones.
  • Volunteers/Church Members VBS Donations - In some cases, you might not have to budget for snacks, etc. You can ask volunteers and church members to donate paper goods,cookies, snacks, drinks, etc. Children love their snacks during VBS, but they are happy with simple and inexpensive snacks.
  • Free VBS Certificates - The VBS children love these certificates and the good news they are free here. Click the link below to access 3 Vacation Bible School certificates that includes the VBS Attendance and two VBS Certificate of Completion.
  • Request More Budget Next Year - It's probably too late this year, but next year why not ask for a budget increase. Even if you're a smaller church your members should see the need for the outreach and Vacation Bible School ministry. Use the worksheet below and draft a budget for next year for your Pastor and Board to review immediately after VBS while it's still fresh on your mind and theirs. If you get them to agree to more money then this will simplify your next year's budget tremendously.

Click here to access page to download the free Vacation Bible School Budget Worksheet.

Click here to access page to download the free Vacation Bible School Certificates (3).

Church Labor Day Ideas

Here are some Church Labor Day Ideas that include:

Honor Church Staff

It takes the whole body of Christ for the church to function and it will not function without workers. Not all church staff members receive a paycheck, honor those that do. Honor your church staff with a note of thanks and name each one in the church bulletin or bulletin insert.
Also, encourage members to thank church staff themselves in their own way. Altar flowers could also honor the dedication and efforts of your church staff. Some church members could provide a luncheon for staff during the week as an expression of appreciation.

Honor Volunteers

The labor of volunteers allots power to many ministries of a church. Volunteers such as Sunday school teachers, ministry group leaders and board members are a just a few of the jobs volunteers generally staff. On Labor Day, your church bulletin could showcase a Volunteer of the Year, and those volunteers who received honorable mention. Honor the volunteers with a church luncheon and provide small gifts or awards of appreciation. The gifts could include bookmarks, thank you notes and volunteer badges created by the Sunday school kids or church staff.

Church Labor Day Fair

With the economy today church members may have lost their jobs so provide a Church Labor Day Fair for church members on Labor Day to help find them a job. Encourage church members with hiring ability and business owners to sponsor booths in the fair and invite area businesses to participate. Find church members with human resources and resume preparation skills that can offer assistance to job seekers to update and perfect resumes. See if some church members and local job ministries could offer a week of classes to teach computer skills, office skills and other marketable skills. Do a follow-up report after the fair of any success statistics and give to the member over this event to encourage this to be an annual event.

Honor & Focus on the Need for Harvest Laborers

In Matthew 9:35-38, Jesus feels compassion for the crowds who have so many needs and they are in need of those who can shepherd them. Jesus tells his disciples that more harvesters are needed. Labor Day can also focus on the need of church ministries and the need for larger ministries for laborers and then honor those who have been laboring in your church Missionary societies, food pantries and homeless shelters. They can offer information about their staffing and volunteer needs, alongside ministries within the church. The message for the day uses the story to encourage members to see themselves as potential workers in the harvest.

Click here to access the page to download the free Church Labor Day Ideas.

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