How to Do Church Inventory

Well, it has been a busy month for me and I'm sure for you also. We had an awesome Camp Meeting under the tent. God is truly an awesome God! We are now getting ready for our annual Youth Camp!

I will be discussing how to do church inventory along with 2 more free church inventory forms. FYI: I'm working on a church inventory database that will track your inventory that I will be selling at a very affordable price so don't miss an issue for when this becomes available. Also, I have included some Youth Camp Games & Activities for any church fixing to have their youth camp soon, guitar lessons and much more.

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How to Do Church Inventory
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How to Do Church Inventory

Why should we keep an inventory?

Preparing an inventory of church contents is clearly one of the best ways to obtain better value from your insurance coverage. The contents of your property have great accumulated value as personal property. In the event that your inventory is lost, stolen or destroyed, an inventory helps to validate the existence of items and the cost to replace them. Questions will arise such as:

  • Do you remember how many folding tables were stored in the closet next to kitchen dining area?
  • There was a couple of oriental rugs in the foyer, do have any idea what they would be worth?
  • How many books and cds were in the library and what was their value?
These are just a few questions out of many that will arise in the unexpected event of your inventory loss.

Where should we keep our inventory?

There should be two copies of your inventory stored at separate locations. The master or original copy should be stored in a safety (fire-proof) deposit box. The working copy may be kept at the church with deletions or additions made as necessary.

How often should the inventory be updated?

Both copies of your inventory should be updated at least once a year.

When putting the inventory together what should be considered contents?

As a general rule, items that can be picked up and moved out of the building should be listed in your inventory.

What additional steps should be taken?

  • Assign the inventory to a particular individual as their responsibility.
  • Add a video or photographic inventory to your master copy.
  • If you have items of significant value, have a professional appraisal done.
  • After determining the value of your inventory, review your policy limits with your insurance rep.

Inventory of Physical Items Instructions:

  • 1. Access a ready-made inventory form from the internet or create your own form. At the top of your inventory form include your organization’s name, line for both sheet number and location name. Click here to access free church inventory forms.. Print enough copies of the form to use in each room of your church and affix to a clipboard.

  • 2. Distinguish the difference between supplies and equipment, noting dollar amount that quantifies the distinction. Example: Items with a cost under $400 each are considered supplies whereas items with a cost over $400 each are considered equipment. Because of its value, equipment should be inventoried while it’s unnecessary to inventory supplies.

  • 3. Create labels with a sequential list of serial numbers using the same program you use for your mailing labels, etc. and print numbers, one each, onto 1 inch labels. The first time you do your inventory serial numbers should be in year-month-unique number format. The unique number is the one that will change sequentially, for example: 2012-11-1, 2012-11-2, 2012-11-3.

  • 4. Start in one room and identify all the items that count as equipment. Once identified, attach one serial number to the bottom of each item so that items can be tracked.

  • 5. Write down the sheet number and the room using the inventory forms on the clipboard. Each item that was given a serial number, record data into all fields present on the inventory form.

    The description field should have an overview of the item. The serial field should have the number you affixed to the bottom of the item. When you start your initial inventory, the date acquired and initial value may not be available, but if it is complete the form. If it is not, write the current date into the date date-acquired field and estimate the value. If an item is needed, check in the “Needed or Keep” field. If it’s being discontinued or disposed, note the date of disposal.

  • 6. Repeat these steps above from room to room until all rooms are completed, but remember to note the sheet number and the name of the room at the top of each inventory sheet as your change locations.

  • 7. Get 2 three-ring binders. Make a copy of each completed form, and place one copy each in sequential order by sheet number into a three-ring binder. Place one binder (master copy) at a secure, offsite location (safety deposit box) and the other (copy of master) onsite in an administrative office. Follow inventory procedures at least once a year according to your church policies.

  • 8. Tips:
    • Transferring physical inventory sheet data into a database or digital spreadsheet provides a third point of safekeeping.

    • Adding new items to inventory as they come in will ensure that their acquisition date and initial value are properly recorded.

    • Only allow one organized designee to be in charge of inventory to prevent any confusion or double-entry.

    Click here for free Church Inventory Forms.

    Click here for free Church Inventory Instructions.

    Youth Camp Games & Activities

    This is the time of year that we have our Youth Camp at our church, and I look forward to it every year. The campers have so much fun with all the games, food, worship and teaching that we supply them with that they don't want to leave by the end of the week. Most of the campers on the day they leave are counting down the days until next year. :)

    Here are some YC Game ideas for your church to use for youth camp or any other church event:

    • Bible Book Scramble - Find 132 square boxes or milk crates all the same size if possible (2 sets of the books of the Bible). There are 66 books in the Bible (39 for Old Testament and 27 for New Testament) so you will be making 2 sets of the Bible. Use white poster board or copy paper and write the names of all the books of the Bible on each box/crate by taping paper to front of box/crate. Divide the boxes/crates by putting 1 set (66) on one side of room and the other set (6) on the other side of room and get 2 teams (5 on each team stacking and then divide the rest of the youth to be coaching the stackers). The object of the game is whoever gets their boxes stacked up (5 in a stack) in the correct order of the books of the Bible starting with the Old Testament through the New Testament first wins. This is a great way to teach your youth the correct order of the books of the Bible.

    • Everything’s Bananas – This game allows any size youth group a fun way to occupy free time. Hand out a list of items to each child or group to measure using bananas. The items you give them could be items such as pews, floor, rugs, altars, etc. Once everyone has measured everything on their list it’s turned into the youth leader. The child or group that measures the most items correctly wins. After the game is over then you can celebrate by making banana splits for everyone.

    • Water in Cup Relay – This is an outdoors game on a hot sunny day. The object of this game is whichever team has the most water in their bucket at the end of the game wins. You will have to 2 teams and a full bucket of water by the line of team members and an empty bucket a set distance away from the team members. The game starts with a team member from both teams getting a cup (Styrofoam) of water from bucket and holding it on top of their head and running to the their empty bucket and pouring it in and running the empty cup back to their next team member. You can either time this relay or have whoever goes through each team member first stops the game, and then see who has the most water in the bucket – that team wins. Warning – children will get wet!

    • Balloon Mouth – This is another hot sunny outdoors game similar to the one above except you have water balloons. The challenge of the game is the children to pick up the water balloon with his/her mouth and to not pop it with a speed race. Divide your youth group up into even teams not to exceed 5 children in each group. Place water balloons into 5 gallon buckets and place empty buckets a set distance away. The first child in each team must pick up a water galloon with his mouth and then quickly make his/her way to his empty bucket. If the balloon bursts, he/she must return and start over. His/her turn is over and the next child begins once the water balloon is successfully in the empty bucket without bursting it.

    Click here for more free Youth Camp Games & Activities.

    Play Worship Guitar Lessons

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    The great thing about Play Worship Guitar is that it is designed with the student in mind.

    With a lot of guitar courses, or dvds, or even with private teachers you are required to practice for at least an hour a day and there is sometimes a lot of pressure to go at the pace of your teacher instead of your own pace.

    With Play Worship Guitar whether you practice 5 minutes a day or 2 hours is totally up to you because you can go at your own pace.

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