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The Form Gallery, Issue #052 - Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual
August 08, 2012

Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual

I pray everyone is doing well. If you live anywhere near Oklahoma then you're praying for rain and a relief in this 100+ heat. I'm asking everyone to say a prayer for us because this heat has effected many people (homes lost from fires, etc.) including my husband (had a bad heat stroke a week ago) I almost lost him...he has to work outside under these conditions. Thank You Jesus for Your Grace & Mercy! :)

In this issue I will be addressing the Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual full of informative resources and forms (27 pages). I also have some Labor Day Poems & much more.

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Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual
Church Inventory Database Update
Labor Day Poems New Web Pages with New Forms
Shepherdbase (Church Membership Database)Labor Day Special
FCF (Free Church Forms) CD
Church Office Package – Special Limited Offer
Free eBook - ”Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office” Table of Contents

Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual

The Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual helps to guide the teacher through this ministry according to your church policy and procedures. This is a very special ministry in the church and needs to be organized and spiritually led by a spiritual leader/teacher.

I have a sample of a Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual with 27 pages full of information and 7 forms that will be a guide to help you in this ministry and your can modify to fit your Sunday School.
This manual includes all the resources for your teachers for Sunday School such as:

  • Biblical Foundations for Sunday School
  • Sunday School Defined
  • Sunday School Philosophy
  • Sunday School Class Organization
  • How to Organize Care Groups
  • Sunday School Class Time Structure
  • Sunday School Teacher's Covenant
  • Sunday School Teacher's Personal Testimony
  • Sunday School Teacher's Bio Sheet
  • Sunday School Teacher's Self-Evaluation
  • Sunday School Teacher's Observation Form
  • Starting New Classes
  • New Class Start Plan
  • Beatitudes for Sunday School Growth
  • Welcoming Visitors and Enrolling New Members
  • Visitor/New Member Registration Card
  • Evangelism Through The Sunday School
  • Identifying Prospects
  • Motivating Members to Ministry
  • Five Circles of Commitment
  • Prime Time
  • Where Do I Go From Here?

Click here to access the free Sunday School Teacher Resource Manual (sample).

Other Great Sunday School Teacher Resources
478322: KidsOwn Worship Kit, Preschool & Elementary, Fall 2012 KidsOwn Worship Kit, Preschool & Elementary, Fall 2012
By Group

Open kids' hearts to God through praise and worship with Group's Kids Own Worship. This flexible program meets your church's needs no matter how many preschool and elementary kids arrive for service. At KidsOwn Worship Children's Church, kids sing, praise and celebrate God's goodness and love.

In the kit you'll receive 13 engaging, 30- to 60-minute sessions with children's church lessons that get your kids exploring why God is worthy of their praise. The easy Leader Guide format makes this really easy to plan and is also light on need for additional volunteers. You'll only need two leaders-one to present or lead worship songs and the "Let's Learn the Point" activities, and the other to gather supplies and help children with their individual needs.

Each KidsOwn Worship quarterly kit includes:
  • 13 engaging, flexible sessions for both preschool and elementary kids
  • Leader Guide-13 creative 30- to 60-minute programs
  • FaithWeaver Worship DVD-On-screen lyrics help kids celebrate their friendship with Jesus through favorite praise songs and actions
  • Songs from FaithWeaver CD-All the songs you'll need for an entire quarter, plus electronic files for use with graphic presentation software and a PowerPoint Show! also sold separately if you want to send children home with copies to reinforce Bible learning at home.
  • Sing-along and discussion-starter DVD. These 2- to 3-minute interactive segments spark great discussions.
  • Preschool Skit Book-13 complete scripts each quarter make preschool puppetry easy-even for first-timers.
  • Interactive gizmos & teaching tools-Every kit includes unique hands-on gizmos that engage the senses and bring Bible stories to life.

478734: Living Inside Out Kit: Star Quest, Wilderness Trail, and Heroes, Preschool & Elementary, Fall 2012 Living Inside Out Kit: Star Quest, Wilderness Trail, and Heroes, Preschool & Elementary, Fall 2012
By Group

Challenge the kids in your large-group/small-groups ministry with Group's Living Inside Out. This quarterly set includes three modules of 4 or 5-week lessons for 13 weeks of large-group/small-group interaction. Everything you need to succeed is here! Each Kit includes:
  • One reproducible Large-Group Leader Guide, including scripts for live skits
  • Three reproducible Small-Group Leader Guides (Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary)
  • Large Group DVD with high-energy music and entertaining teaching videos
  • Large Group CD - an enhanced CD with questions and slides in multiple media formats
  • Interactive Teaching Tools: Bible Memory Maker take-home samples (1 of each) and two large-group gizmos

The Fall Set consists of Star Quest (Nature of God), Wilderness Trail (Respect), and Heroes (Bible Heroes).

Church Inventory Database Update

The Church Inventory database is a work in progress still, but I hope, if all goes well, to have it ready soon.

This database will be available for a very affordable price and will simplify the inventory process in your church and save you lots of very valuable time.

I will have a special issue as soon as the Church Inventory database becomes available.

Labor Day Poems

Labor Day was founded to give workers and their families a day of festivity to enjoy. Workers of labor have more than earned this holiday to be able to spend it any way they want to even if it's just simply sitting at home in the rocking chair or sofa and just simply taking it easy and reading poems, etc. Labor Day is also a sign that summer is coming to an end soon.

Celebrating Labor Day with poems are a great way for your church to be able to get everyone in the holiday spirit. You can also simply read these beautiful poems at home on Labor Day to get you and your family in the holiday spirit for Labor Day.

Creating poems is a very special talent that God has given some of us and we need to share. If you have a poem you created for Labor Day and you want to share it then click the link below to access the Labor Day Poems page. I will then have them on a live web page for everyone to enjoy!

Click here to access the free Labor Day Poems and submit your own poem. New Web Pages with New Forms

I will be continually adding new don't miss an issue!

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Shepherdbase (church membership database) will:
  • Track member's information along with a place for member's picture and automates First Time Visitor Letters for new members
  • Track member's contributions and automates Annual Contribution Letters at the end of the year
  • Filter church member's information with the click of a button
  • Track Church Attendance and automates Attendance Report

Shepherdbase is a very simple and user friendly database, but very powerful.

If you purchased Shepherdbase in the past (before Sept. 2011) and would like to receive the latest new updated version of "Shepherdbase" free of charge contact me.

FCF (Free Church Forms) CD

This great CD has all the free church forms, certificates, flyers...on along with 4 Bonuses as a Thank You for purchasing the CD all for one special price of $13.99 plus shipping and handling ($6.00 in the U.S. or $20.00 outside the U.S.).

The FCF CD includes:

  • Free church forms, certificates, flyers...(450+ forms each in PDF and Microsoft Office Word format - some in Excel). Also continually updated to include the latest forms created.

  • Table of Contents that includes folders/subfolders named the page in which they were generated and the name of the files under the folders.

  • Bonus#1 - Church Offering Envelope Templates#2 (short and long) are included in the CD.
  • Bonus#2 - Expense Report in MS Excel format that will automatically calculate expenses.
  • Bonus#3 - Beautiful 12 Month Photo Calendar in Microsoft Office Excel format that you can easily automate any year you want with the click of a button and change any of the photos very easily on any month you choose.
  • Bonus#4 -ebook - "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office".
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Free eBook - ”Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office”

This eBook is free to my newsletter subscribers as a special "Thank You" for subscribing to my newsletter. I have worked in several different secretarial areas with different jobs and I have learned the hard way how to organize more than one office. Take advantage of these tips in this free eBook and they will help get your office organized. Just click on the link below to download your free copy today.

"Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is available here. You will now have access to all of the free church forms...listed in alphabetical order. I update it with new church I create them. I have them in categories so that you can just click on the form you want and it will lead you to that page. Just click on the link below for the free FCF Table of Contents. Enjoy! :) Table of Contents

You can easily contact me through my email: I will get back promptly with any questions you might have.

Have a Blessed Day!

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