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The Form Gallery, Issue #003 - New Free Church Forms & Shepherdbase
May 11, 2009
Welcome <>

There are many new exciting additions (pages) to my website.

I will start with the Basic Church Accounting eBook that is now available. This book is for secretaries, treasurers and financial administrators who would like to more fully understand church accounting principles.

This book answers these questions:

  • What exactly goes on the balance sheet?
  • How do you set up a chart of accounts for your church?
  • Why do you credit cash in your accounting books when you write out a church check?
  • What is the difference between single and double entry bookkeeping?
  • How do you find and correct errors in your bookkeeping?
This 34-page eBook answers these questions and much more. It will also help you to build a good solid foundation of understanding in church accounting.

In addition, you will also receive "The Fund Accounting Report", a 12-page bonus report, absolutely free as a special thank you for purchasing this book!

It contains:

  • What fund accounting is and why it is imperative for your church to use this form of accounting.
  • What a ”Fund” is and what it is Not.
  • What the difference is between unrestricted funds and temporarily and permanent restricted funds.
  • Why you should keep multiple books.
  • The restrictions and details for transferring monies between two funds.
  • How to set up QuickBooks for fund accounting.

I have read the eBook and the report and found them to be very informative and they have helped me to understand more about the concepts of church accounting.

I'm proud to announce that I have finally named my church membership database >"Shepherdbase". I want to once again thank the visitors that have purchased Shepherdbase. I have received some very touching compliments on my database. These people are from one end (New York) of the United States to the other end (Texas).

I'm so happy to be able to help so many of God's people find an easier way to track their church members and contributions. I will be updating some more on Shepherdbase to be even better than it is now. I will be letting you know of these updates as they become available.

New Web Pages/Free Church Forms

Here we go I had a busy month. Just click on the links to get to the free church forms.

============================================================= I will be giving you links to new my web pages as I put them up with new free church forms, so keep reading my newsletters.

You can easily contact me through the my email: I will get back promptly with any questions you might have.

Thanks Terressa

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