Basic Church Accounting Concepts

This Basic Church Accounting eBook is for secretaries, treasurers and financial administrators who would like to more fully understand church accounting principles.

I have read this informative book and it has definitely helped me to more understand the concepts of church accounting.

This book answers these questions:

  • What exactly goes on the balance sheet?
  • How do you set up a chart of accounts for your church?
  • Why do you credit cash in your accounting books when you write out a church check?
  • What is the difference between single and double entry bookkeeping?
  • How do you find and correct errors in your bookkeeping?

This 34-page eBook answers these questions and much more. It will also help you to build a good solid foundation of understanding in church accounting.

In addition, you will also receive this 12-page bonus report absolutely free as my special thank you for purchasing this book!

The Fund Accounting Report

This report contains:

  • The difference between fund accounting and commercial and personal accounting.
  • Exactly what a ”Fund” is and what it is Not.
  • What the difference is between unrestricted funds and temporarily and permanent restricted funds.
  • The restrictions and details of transferring monies between two funds.
  • 3 different methods to set up QuickBooks for fund accounting.

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